Automation Systems

TEC Switchboards – Automation Systems

Due to the increasing demand in automation systems TEC has designed and manufactured controlled wiring systems that offer complete control of lighting and other electrical services.

These switchboards can be in form of C-Bus cabinets, Dynalite and ArTu modular type tested structures.

C-Bus – Was originally developed for intelligent lighting applications but has since progressed to a much higher level of sophistication, for a total building automation system that can be intergrated with air-conditioning and security systems. Cabinets come standard with slotted duct for ease of wiring and to keep the contents neat and tidy. Due to the boards being custom made, your cabling can come into the board from any point; top, bottom, back, or sides. The C-Bus units can be pre-wired in our factory, saving client’s precious time. We place small neutral bars at the end of each din rail to use as protected neutral bars for each C-Bus unit.

TEC has adapted the ABB ArTu modular structure to be designed for C-Bus installations, with glass doors and a busbar system behind the din rail, installations will work great and look great at the same time.

Distribution boards are an of the shelf board that can be ordered with a pre-wired main switch and MCB chassis to fit any specific size and with IP range up to IP66. This is a quick turn around and can certainly assist in those jobs that are of urgency.