Here at TEC Switchboards we design all our switchboards in a 3D CAD program called Solidworks.

With 3D technology we can pin point exactly each hole, cut-out and ventilation to comply with the regulations. With this precise engineering tool we can guarantee a better finished product.

With the design process we can do anything that is necessary; from drawing the room for existing switchboards to be replaced to including remote infrastructure, to ensure everything will fit.

If you wish to view some of our 3D works simply download Solidworks free 3D viewer eDrawings from the link below

1. Watch the video below to see how to do the basics of eDrawings

2. Here are some of our files to download and view (Click on image to download)

Form 3B Switchboards

Form 3B Switchboards


Retro fitting new Switchboards to existing buildings



Remote Area Infrastructure Switchboard platform

Switchboard platform with board