Metering Switchboards

Tec Switchboards – Metering Switchboards

Mainly used in primary industries, group meter panels are used to determine the power used by each factory, department or sub sections.

Group Meter Boxes

Our group meter boxes can be built to a large variety of power ratings and sizes to suit every application. Group meter boxes are also used in situations where electricity is bought in bulk and then sold on to residents, Group meter boxes provide a cost effective way of reviewing power usage..

Group meter panels are constantly installed to make considerate financial savings on large unit clusters and retirement villages.

• Power flex cable installed throughout the switchboard to meter insulation and load wiring
• An easy solution to manage multiple electrical usages between different factories, departments or sub sections
• Custom designed and built to suit different sized installations, power ratings and varying numbers of Meters
• Lockable cabinets
• Heavy duty construction for use in extreme weather conditions.