TEC Switchboards provide a custom built switchboard construction service, designing Main Switchboards, Control Switchboards, Group metering Switchboards, CT Chambers, C-Bus Switchboards and Electrical Control Panels for a diverse range of industry sectors. We work from design to delivery for all our products for the commercial and industrial sector.

Tec Switchboards listen to our customers needs and as a result offer:
• Adequate space for cable terminations, designed to make fitting off a breeze.
• A high quality finish – impress your Clients with a professional job.

We offer a range of different construction types for custom sheet metal made from:
• Mild Steel
• Aluminium
• 304 Stainless Steel
• 306 Stainless Steel
Or any other material you require a switchboard manufactured in.

At TEC we specialise in design, manufacturing and construction of modular switchboards, we are accredited switchboard builders in ABB ArTu, Elsteel and Cubic modular switchgear. These specially designed switchboards are type tested, have Arc fault protection and come in any internal segregations up to Form 4, and made for jobs up to 6300 Amps with all types of applications up to IP65.

Whilst our strength is our technical knowledge, our overall goal is to support our clients 100 per cent. We do not compromise on quality, we go the extra mile to provide the solution they need, working within the specified budget and time frame.

Quality is the key at TEC Switchboards, we strive for the highest quality switchboards in Australia. With a background in electrical contracting, we know how hard it can be to work with an inferior product.

TEC Switchboards on site works.

Here at TEC Switchboards we can offer full installation/retro-fit switchboard in any situation. We can also assist your team of electricians to install switchboards were we can bring specialized tools and equipment to help the job run smoothly. Our service is not only Australia wide but also overseas.

Here at TEC Switchboards

We only use the highest quality parts and equipment.


If you feel we can be of help to you please EMAIL US or call us on (03) 5986 2573

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